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The beach bum

We here on Weedery want to tip you guys off about this new American comedy. It  has Snoop Dog,  Matthew McConaughey  and Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy, among others in the roll list.

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Australian territory likely to pass cannabis legislation bill

The Australian Labor Party member Michael Pettersson has introduced a bill to the Australian Capital Territory (which is surrounding Canberra, the Australian capitol) about cannabis legalization that is widely thought to be passed.


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He thinks craft cannabis will thrive in spite of Big Marijuana

Ryan Stoa, the author of Craft Weed, says in a debate article that small enterprises can thrive in spite of Big Marijuana industry.

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Fewer companies test for THC as legalization grows

In the wake of nationwide cannabis legalization fewer employers are testing their workers for THC. However, people in the national and federal sector are still at risk. Cannabis, at least for now, continues to be illegal on the federal level.

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Temporarily more fatal accidents after legalization

According to a recent study fatal traffic accidents temporarily rose then fell in three of the states that have legalized recreational cannabis.