Weedery foresees a trusted blockchain solution for payments across the cannabis industry. This will solve many of the current challenges experienced by growers/consumers who use products as well as the manufacturers providing them.

Initially the ERC-20 WDRY token is an in-platform payment token that customers can use to BUY and SELL products and services in the Weedery Marketplace. While the Weedery market place will accept other cryptocurrencies, by USING a WDRY TOKEN to pay for purchases – customers receive an additional 30% discount.

Until the WDRY token is listed on an exchange, early investors/shoppers can purchase WDRY Token at a fixed price – 10% lower (0.045USD)

If you are accustomed to traditional banking options – you will be led to a tutorial that will simplify purchasing and spending the WDRY tokens in our secure environment. Weedery provides Blockchain training and information to suit each user’s needs.
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