Forms of Cannabis

The dried flower cured and smoked or vaporized. The normal way of smoking in North and South America. Before the cocaine era this was what was smuggled out from Cali, Colombia, pleasing many in the US at that time. In India the dried leaves and flowers are called bhang.

Hash or haschisch

The Indian and Arabic way. Traditionally the standard in Europe. In North Africa the female and male plants are grown together. When harvested the plants are bashed and trichomes fall of and are pressed together forming resin cakes. In India there is a traditional harvesting method where people touches the plants with bare hands. Then rolls their hands together and form resin balls.


In the modern era of cannabis new and cool forms have come. BHO, wax, shatter to name a few. Concentrates are extracts of cannabinoids from clippings or flowers. The cannabinoids are separated from the plant material with heat, pressure and binding agent like gas or chemical alcohol.

Cannabis oil

Most popular for medical use and can contain more of THC or CBD depending on what illnesses it’s for.

Synthetic cannabinoids

Some medicines like dronabinol and the products sold as legal highs or bath salts contain synthetic forms of cannabinoids.
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