In the Weedery Forum, you can learn how to grow Cannabis with superior and well-proven techniques. You can get rewarded with WDRY tokens by sharing your knowledge and experience with other people in the forum. Sharing is caring, and we believe in self-produced organic Cannabis and a green future! Join our forum and learn how to produce the most beautiful and tasty buds.

Weedery Club is an exclusive club for Cannabis enthusiasts. The online Club is in the Metaverse, powered by NFT memberships. We provide live seminars and VR courses with the best growers in the Cannabis industry, sharing their secrets behind the most advanced and production-efficient growing techniques.

We love Bioponic Growing; it reduces the consumption of our precious water, requires a minimum of nutrients, and generates the most fantastic scents and tasty flowers! And when you need a break from the intensive learning, you can use the Club just to hang out and socialize with friends!

The memberships will be limited to a supply of 10 000 NFTs, with a minting price of: 5 000 pieces, offered to whitelisted candidates only, at 0.05 ETH each; and we will offer 5 000 pieces to the public at 0.0777 ETH each.

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