Jan Ogniewski


Sebastian Ogniewski began his “canna-career” as a grower and breeder in Europe at the start of the millennium. With a deep understanding of the products and requirements for successful cultivation, he opened his first Grow Shop 17 years ago. As he established his own retail outlets, Sebastian fostered strong relationships with top industry brands. By purchasing directly from manufacturers whenever possible, he ensured competitive pricing and passed on the savings to his customers. As his Canna-Empire grew, these brands entrusted him with their products, leading him to launch one of northern Europe’s most efficient distribution centers.

In addition to his achievements in the cannabis industry, Sebastian ventured into the world of cryptocurrency. Almost a decade ago, he purchased his first Bitcoin for $200. Immersed in studying the possibilities of the Crypto market, he envisioned a user-friendly, community-driven platform where Crypto and Cannabis can coexist harmoniously. This vision includes a token that fuels both a Marketplace and a Social Media environment. Sebastian’s Weedery dream is poised to become a reality, as he seeks to bring his innovative platform to a world ready for its potential.

Toine Maart


Toine Maart co-founded KJ Products Distribution in 2007, anticipating future Cannabis legalization in the Netherlands. Within two years, the growing market for cannabis cultivation equipment in Europe led Toine to reorganize the company. He chose to become both the manufacturer and distributor, giving rise to Gold Label Substrates/Nutrients and Gavita Lighting in 2009/2010.

As demand for Toine’s quality products increased, The A Group Gmbh was established as a global company trading in Europe, North/South America, the UK, and Asia. With a focus on large-scale legal cultivations, hydro shops, distribution centers, and production facilities, Toine supports ventures of all sizes, driven by his ability to identify opportunities and collaborate with industry leaders.

Toine’s conviction in the Weedery concept stems from his passion, experience, and connections. He joins forces with Sebastian and the Weedery team to build this groundbreaking Crypto Canna Community.