Weedery is a Cannabis/Crypto project led by cannabis industry pioneers and supported by crypto/finance experts. A unique concept for both the cannabis and crypto communities.

In crypto projects, high risks and high rewards are at stake when introducing a new token. The traditional route is to first find investors who will inject the capital to support a new token launch. 

Weedery IS different.

Sebastian and Toine (Weedery founders) began researching how Blockchain technology could be the key to revolutionizing the cannabis industry; giving birth to the notion of introducing their own token to buy and sell products/services in a canna-marketplace. 

In studying “decentralized exchanges” it became clear how easily the many challenges faced by cannabis companies could be overcome. By creating a token with its own liquidity pool, centralized exchanges offering only fiat solutions would no longer be necessary. 

A new approach to crypto ventures in the cannabis industry would be required in order to gain the cannabis industry’s trust into adopting Blockchain technology for processing transactions. 

While keeping a finger on the pulse of both the crypto and cannabis markets during the pandemic, a decision was made to develop the Weedery platforms carefully, patiently and in their entirety prior to opening (public) sales of a Token. 

Using their own resources/connections from running profitable cannabis companies, Sebastian and Toine recognized the key to success would be to build a solid foundation surrounded by a team of other canna/crypto enthusiasts. 

Weedery aims to change crypto/blockchain misconceptions by presenting this transparent project with resources so everyone – from the hobby growers to the CEOs – can benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.  

Weedery has been in development since 2017, with active processes commencing in 2020.

The WDRY token will be listed on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange. 

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