What is Weedery?

People ask us what is Weedery and how will it affect the end user and industry? To start of Weedery is many things, our idea is to combine cannabis with crypto. So firstly we have released our own crypto token (WDRY) and soon also a payment solution for the so called cannabusiness. Also we are …

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Fullspectrum CBD oil is now illegal narcotics in Sweden

Today the Swedish Supreme Court ruled in a case against a man who bought 5 bottles of CBD oil. These were within legal limits of THC (<0,2) for agricultural hemp products in the European union.    The man have previously been cleared in lower courts before this verdict. Since several years sellers in Sweden have …

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Hanfparade- pro pot march in Berlin

The Hanfparade is a German event in order to legalize cannabis. It’s a march which goes right through the center of Berlin every August since 1997. The legalization of cannabis as a resource, medicine and recreational drug is what this event is pushing for. 2019 will be the 23:rd year of the Hanfparade. 

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