Californians home delivery continue statewide, at least during 2019

In the beginning of 2019 California created a regulation that made it possible for people to get cannabis delivered to their homes, whether they live in an area that has banned cannabis shops or not.
This could be regarded as a question of fairness. Cannabis is legal in the state and some people have difficulties getting to a dispensary, for example. The home delivery system makes it possible for them to obtain cannabis.

However- everybody aren’t equally happy about this. Recently 24 Californian cities, among them Beverly Hills, filed a lawsuit against the state. They are trying to get rid of the regulation that allows free home delivery statewide.
Therefore they presented a bill that would have made it possible for cities to prohibit home delivery of cannabis.
This bill was however postponed for the rest of this year, probably because of the vulnerable phase that California’s cannabis industry is going through right now.

California bill to block home delivery of cannabis sidelined for year

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