CBD tampons against menstrual pain

Cannabidiol or CBD is currently being used in many various products, for example in order to bring pain relief. Now a startup company named Daye is introducing tampons with CBD for that very purpose.
Daye has discreetly managed to rise 5,5 M USD and is backed by former Spotify Marketing Director Sophia Bendz among others.

In the US CBD is growing constantly and is thought  to bring large profits.
Since pain and cramps in connection with the menstruation hasn’t been taken seriously in the past, these tampons are most likely going to sell very well.

The founder of Daye company is a Bulgarian woman, barely 24 years old. Her name is Valentina Milanova and she is running her company from London.
She says that there is a very high concentration of cannabis receptors in the vaginal canal and therefore it is the fastest way to distribute the CBD into the blood stream.

Unlike many other CBD products, Daye doesn’t contain any THC at all. Therefore it is safe for women who don’t wont to get high from using them.

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