Dallas is in reality decriminalizing cannabis

The Dallas County district attorney John Creuzot announced Thursday that first-time marijuana misdemeanors no longer will be prosecuted.
Also there will be eradication of old cases of misdemeanors that took place before he got into office.

Creuzot got elected last year after promising he would reduce the prison population in Dallas. Currently no less then approximately 67 000 people are imprisoned each year. During the last five years somewhere around 379 000 texans have gotten arrested for possessions like 2 ounces of cannabis, or less. Altogether this costs the state 730 million USD per year.

The DA John Creuzot is far from alone when it comes to easing up on low level cannabis offences. As a matter of fact- all over USA, even where recreational cannabis is still not legalized, the trend is the same.
Even law enforcement is changing their policies when it comes to cannabis. The reason for this is that they are foreseeing a change in respect to legalization or decriminalization of cannabis in their jurisdictions.

  Dallas Will No Longer Prosecute Small Time Marijuana Offenders

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