Guam – 2nd US Territory to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Guam, with a population of approximately 165 000 people, becomes the 2:nd US territory to legalize recreational cannabis. (The first one was Northern Mariana Island)
The first female governor of the territory, “Lou” Leon Guerrero (D), on Thursday gave green light to the new law. This will make recreational cannabis and home growing legal in Guam.

The name of the law is  the Cannabis Industry Act and it allows people over 21 to posses 28 grams of flower and/or 8 grams of concentrate. Also adults may grow up to 6 plants.
Public consumption of cannabis, however, will still be illegal.
There will be a 15% tax on sales and the revenues are supposed to go to drug treatment, agricultural projects and law enforcement.

Guam Becomes 2nd US Territory to Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

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