Legal cannabis in Canada: Tax boosting and lower criminal activity

It has now been half a year since Canada legalized cannabis. What has happened..?
Well- to begin with taxes have been boosting. Jobs and profits have been made and the black market has been diminished. 

For some obscure reason Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party don’t seem to be very eager to reap the benefits of these facts. They say that this is not where their focus is at.

Shortage coming up
Unfortunately there is a also, according to new statistics from the government, a shortage of legal cannabis coming up. The PM assures, however, that this problem will be removed within a year.

Positive views
Many customers and retailers are expressing their positive views about the legalization. What people spend on legal cannabis is expected to grow from nearly $600m during 2018 to around $5.2bn in 2024, according to an analysis from Arcview Market Research.

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