NL: Slow progress for cannabis experiment

The Netherlands has with its tolerant politics around cannabis long played a historic role in the cannabis world as some sort of pioneers. Now the government wants to clear the so called back door problem.
Cannabis is legal to buy in the coffee shops but it’s still illegal for the owners of these coffee shops to obtain it. They have, in other words, to rely on the black market in order to stay in business.
This is of course an obvious problem and an untenable situation in the long run.

In the fall of 2017 an experiment with support from the government was started. The purpose was to create a legal supply chain for coffee shop owners who were part of this study.

However the project is moving on slowly because of political stalling. Also, once it gets started, the entire first year will be a question of raising a stock. Therefore nothing new will come out of this experiment anytime soon, it seems.

There is an European cannabis network called First Wednesdays, who meet every first wednesday in a month. They have now established themselves in Amsterdam and hope to be helpful in the process of overcoming problems connected to the cannabis sphere.


The Progress of the Dutch Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment


Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment Act (PDF)

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