Psychosis not linked to cannabis according to new study

A new Spanish study has found that with all the relevant co-variables taken into account, there is no association between cannabis consumption and psychotic experiences in 1588 adolescents.

The study was carried out in the University of La Rioja and the purpose was to explore whether there is any connection between psychosis and consumption of cannabis or not.

Lately there have been some alarmist reports from another European study that claims there is a connection between heavy cannabis use and mental health issues.
However the researchers did not correlate the data with socio-economic variables, poly drug use, behaviour issues etc, in such a way that has been done in the recent Spanish study.

Also the book “Tell Your Children”, written by Alex Berenson, a best-selling author from New York Times, claimed that the legalization in Washington and Colorado led to a rise in mental illness and violent crime. However, Berenson has received much criticism for his way of handling the data.

It seems as if these kind of disturbing reports don’t affect the pattern of consumption in medical cannabis patients in the US, though.
According to a report from Canadian analytics firm CB2 Insights, cannabis is used to control mood and/or mental health problems even to a larger extend than

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