Swedish narcotics police and their constant fuckups online

There is a lobbyist organisation of narcotics police officers in Sweden called SNPF. They are tightly connected with the Swedish police. Today the laughing stock among people debating cannabis on social media. In fact they may be the most monolithic player in the Swedish war on drugs. And their mere existence politicize the Swedish police force.

Today they tried to make fun of the cannabis activist mantra that no one ever died of cannabis, when tweeting about Alex Berenson’s new book Tell Your Children.
It seems that these dinosaurs actually believe many people have died from using cannabis. And they don’t understand how science works. Their propaganda online is so bat shit crazy that even people from abroad have started to question it. Enter Julian Buchanan, PhD, and harm reduction expert from New Zealand.

These political police officers harass and troll critics online. Never with a good argument. Just patronizing bullshit about how they know, because they see it daily. The bully behavior and ad hoc argumentation online demands regular house cleaning of posts. This has led to manic screenshot taking by their critics.

They have been involved in many viral scandals. One was when they falsified a story regarding the Pirate Party and a political street event organized last year in Stockholm on 4/20. The pirate activists wanted to create a buzz and discuss drug policy.
The police actually shadowed the event undercover and fabricated a grim story to Swedish Television (SVT). Allegedly the organizers tried to lure youths passing by into the madness of cannabis. Same day SVT edited out opinions from the president of SNPF Lennart Karlsson, and surprisingly the leader of the undercover cops, in a article on their news site. This after a lot of people complained online in Facebook-posts from the TV channel.

Another one of the best and brightest narcs is Annika Ljung. She is the leader of a drug squad in the capital. She and her lackeys have harassed clubbers for long. Even tried to hurt artists economically. Just because they “promote drugs”. This cultural policing led to a feud with the beloved rapper Frej Larsson. The police tried to frame him for threatening Annika Ljung (in a song) but they recently lost in court.

See this clip to understand how incompetent she is:

So welcome to Sweden, without a joint!

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