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Dallas is in reality decriminalizing cannabis

The Dallas County district attorney John Creuzot announced Thursday that first-time marijuana misdemeanors no longer will be prosecuted. Also there will be eradication of old cases of misdemeanors that took place before he got into office.


CBD Science

Not runners high but singers high…

It seems that the endocannabinoid system is involved in the pleasure that singers feel when they are singing. Runner’s high is a pretty well known phenomena as is the fulfillment you feel when you eat delicious food.



Business & Financial Fun

Seth Rogen is starting cannabis company Houseplant

The famous Hollywood actor and stoner comedian Seth Rogen is teaming upp with Canopy Growth. Together they are starting the cannabis company Houseplant in Canada.

Hemp Music

Hanfparade- pro pot march in Berlin

The Hanfparade is a German event in order to legalize cannabis. It’s a march which goes right through the center of Berlin every August since 1997. The legalization of cannabis as a resource, medicine and recreational drug is what this event is pushing for. 2019 will be the 23:rd year of the Hanfparade. 


Business & Financial Literature

He thinks craft cannabis will thrive in spite of Big Marijuana

Ryan Stoa, the author of Craft Weed, says in a debate article that small enterprises can thrive in spite of Big Marijuana industry.

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Temporarily more fatal accidents after legalization

According to a recent study fatal traffic accidents temporarily rose then fell in three of the states that have legalized recreational cannabis.