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We are connecting the cannabis community

Our vision is to create a better and more free cannabis ecosystem with blockchain technology. We are creating a metaverse by combining crypto with cannabis.

With Weedery we are creating the future of the cannabis industry with knowledge and education for our community. With us, you learn how to grow the best cannabis and how to be successful in the business. 

Our team has over many years of experience from different fields in the industry! 

By cannabis growers, for cannabis lovers.

The global market value of legal cannabis is expected to reach $146.4 billion by the end of 2025.

Cannabusiness will generate an expected additional 250,000 full-time jobs between 2021 and 2024 in the US.

The United Nations estimates that 192 million people around the world uses cannabis

A whopping 67% of Americans believe cannabis should be made totally legal and regulated.

WDRY Token Sale

On the international cannabis day of april 20th 2022 (4/20) our token will be available for trading at PancakeSwap.

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Want a reminder?

Our Roadmap...​

Nov 2021
The Beginning
Token Creation

Create a community token for rewarding our community members and supporting crypto payments in the industry.

Jan-April 2022
Building Network
New Partnerships

Establish partnerships with sellers where our community members can spend their reward tokens.

April 2022
Freedom of expression
Weedery Forum

Talk about cannabis

April 2022
The first step
Weedery Club

Basic membership.

April 2022
Higher Education
Growers Club

Where our community can share cultivation knowledge and techniques in connection with recommended products and equipment.

April 2022
For Professionals
Business Club

Where our members can learn all about cannabusiness and get help to start their very own business.

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