The WDRY Token will be listed on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange.  

Initial listing price of 0.05 USD.             

Coming soon, so turn on and check notifications for the latest updates.

Until this date, WDRY Tokens can be purchased on at 10% UNDER listing price (0.045 USD).

WDRY investors/ holders can buy WDRY tokens with crypto (such as USDT) and SELL/ EXCHANGE for crypto currencies which can then be converted to fiat. will be the only location to purchase WDRY tokens until the end of 2022.
Weedery will not support private sales of the token, all investors are treated equally.


Total supply of WDRY Tokens is capped at 500 000 000.

365 000 000 are locked in a Vesting Smart Contract.
Each 30 days (for the first 40 months) tokens will be released into the Weedery Platforms.

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