Weedery’s Financial Ecosystem is not limited by the standard banking system. Our WDRY coin is built on ERC20 Blockchain, and it is the same as Ethereum. 

We choose ERC20 for its extremely high security and popularity. To compensate for the hefty GAS fees in waiting for the Ethereum 2.0, we offer a 20% discount when you buy WDRY to cover all your future GAS transaction costs and more.

Our Economic Ecosystem focuses on user-friendly experience and loyalty programs for all our holders. Hence, the WDRY coin will become the best way of paying in the Cannabis industry.

Holders will be able to buy the WDRY token cheaper than the market price before listing on an exchange and always offer special discounts and offers from our partners. 

Our vision is that WDRY coins should be the primary payment solution in the Cannabis industry!

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