Redefining the Cannabis Industry Experience

Weedery mission is to transform the cannabis market creating a transparent and trustworthy ecosystem for growers, investors and partners. Through the power of cryptocurrencies we aim to revolutionise the cannabis industry.

The growth rate of the cannabis industry is projected to be 885% from 2020 to 2028. In 2020, the global cannabis market size was USD 20.47 Billion, with the growth projection of 197.74 billion for 2028, it’s clear that it’s a thriving market segment that is experiencing remarkable growth. This expansion is driven by the ongoing legalisation of medical and recreational cannabis in numerous countries alongside the vast demand for cannabis related products and research in the realm of healthcare.

Imagine a marketplace where cannabis growers, consumers, and suppliers can connect, confident in the authenticity and quality of products. Visualize a distribution center that streamlines operations, minimizes costs, and optimizes logistics. Envision a social media platform that cultivates knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration within the cannabis community. All of this and more is made possible through our innovative viewpoint of the cannabis market. 

Weedery Tokenomics

Empowering the Cannabis Industry with the Weedery Token 

In this era of unprecedented innovation, the cannabis market is poised for remarkable growth. Weedery has meticulously positioned itself to capitalize on this growth by developing its own cryptocurrency and payment solution, transforming the way transactions are conducted within the industry.
Now, let us introduce the heart of the Weedery experience — the Weedery Token. This innovative cryptocurrency lies at the core of our groundbreaking loyalty program, designed to incentivize customers and foster brand loyalty. With the Token, customers enjoy a generous 20% discount on all purchases within the Weedery Marketplace in WDRY Token. As demand for our loyalty currency grows, so does the value of the Weedery Token, offering investors a remarkable opportunity for substantial returns. 

To ensure efficiency and scalability, we have carefully selected the first layer of the Ethereum network for our initial token offering. By leveraging the Ethereum network, we unlock numerous advantages including a trusted infrastructure and a supportive community. These factors collectively position us for success in revolutionizing and driving innovation to the cannabis industry 

Total Supply

Weedery Tokens

20% = 100,000,000

30% = 150,000,000

20% = 100,000,000

20% = 100,000,000

10% = 50,000,000

Weedery Marketplace

Unlocking Profitable Opportunities in the Cannabis Market
with Weedery Marketplace 

Weedery Marketplace

Unlocking Profitable Opportunities in the Cannabis Market
with Weedery Marketplace 

Weedery products present a compelling investment opportunity in the rapidly expanding Cannabis industry, specifically targeting the lucrative market of growing supplies. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we are poised to disrupt the industry by offering a comprehensive range of top-tier products under the trusted Weedery brand. 

Weedery products offer several significant advantages. We are committed to providing growers with the finest selection of lighting solutions, nutrient formulations, tents, and other essential supplies needed for successful Cannabis cultivation. 

Moreover, our strategic partnerships and distribution networks allow us to reach growers across diverse geographical regions, ensuring a widespread market presence. This expansive reach, coupled with our established brand reputation, positions Weedery products as the go-to choice for growers seeking reliable, high-performance supplies.

Weedery World

Unleashing the Power of Community and Education

At Weedery, we understand the pivotal role that social media and marketing play in fostering a thriving ecosystem for our partners, products, and brands. 

That’s why we have created Weedery.world, our exclusive social media and marketing platform designed to ignite growth and cultivate meaningful connections within the cannabis industry. Within Weedery.world, we curate and share captivating content and marketing materials, amplifying the reach of our partners and providing them with a platform to showcase their products and brands to a vast audience, working as an affiliate marketing content creation hub. 

But Weedery.world is more than just a social media platform and marketing hub. We are committed to empowering our community members with knowledge and expertise through our comprehensive e-learning platform and live sessions on cannabis growing, harvesting, and extraction. By partnering with the foremost experts in the field, we will offer our community unparalleled access to industry-leading education, enabling them to expand their skills and elevate their craft. 

Weedery.world is in the making with the aim to build a robust and comprehensive database. We understand the value of trust and collaboration within the cannabis community, which is why we are strategically aligning ourselves with existing communities that share our vision. This approach ensures that our platform remains an organic, authentic space, supported by a strong network of like-minded individuals who embrace our values.

The time to embrace the opportunities of the cannabis industry is now. Join us as we revolutionize the future of Cannabis cultivation. By investing in Weedery, you become an integral part of a dynamic industry that is projected to experience significant growth. Together, let’s shape the landscape of Cannabis cultivation and unlock the full potential of this thriving market.